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Kwamara Thompson

Kwamara brings over a decade of experience being a teacher leader, coach and mentor in schools as well as on district, state, and national platforms. As the Common Core Coach within her school building, she created a successful approach to coaching and mentoring teachers to harness their talent for student achievement. Using a systematic approach of pre-conferencing, video observations, post-conferencing, video reflections, self-reflections, lesson plan analysis, formative and summative assessment analysis, and creating working Professional Growth Plans, she was able to move 95% of the teachers (whether new or experienced) across the continuum along the Effective Evaluation Framework for Teaching.

She has also designed a professional development framework and a system of accountability to infuse literacy throughout all content areas, which resulted in 40% gains over four years in ELA. Through her work in the Newark Public Schools Teacher Leader Institute (TLI) and the New Leaders Emerging Leaders Program, she gained district-wide experience aligning their literacy curriculum guide to the Common Core, assessing different curriculums, resources and best practices.

As a result of Kwamara’s work through Education Pioneers, she created a data-driven culture throughout a charter network of five schools in Tennessee. She has also consulted and partnered with several schools, districts, and non-profit organizations across the states of TN and NJ in data management, systems analysis, talent recruitment and retention as well as curriculum design.

She currently serves as the Education Pioneers Alumni Board Chair, and is on the Rekindled Dreams Board as an education consultant.
As the National Director, Kwamara will supervise CIs Professional Learning & School Support Team through the use of achievement centered systems to track the progress of the team and our school partners. Kwamara will maintain and manage many of our school, community and district partners (including local and national public school partners, OST partners and summer partners). Using her deep experience, she will work with the team to transform and streamline school training and support processes in a replicable and efficient way with a focus on virtual as well as full service school partners. Kwamara will lead the codification efforts of our most promising practices in the successful use of CI’s newest learning games. She will support a small cohort of schools working with the team to develop and model effective coaching techniques and how to best leverage literacy games in a blended learning. Kwamara, with the program team will present Classroom, Inc.’s programs and professional learning model at conferences throughout the nation.