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Support for Read to Lead

Follow the checklist below to avoid technical issues and ensure a great game experience:

  1. First, confirm that you meet the minimum technical requirements for Read to Lead:
    • The latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer
    • The domain classroominc.org, the IP address, and the port 80 added to your content filtering system as allowed content, if you use such a system
    • A broadband Internet connection with at least 100 KB per second of throughput per student
  2. If you meet these minimum technical requirements and still have trouble with Read to Lead, confirm that you have not clicked the “back” or “reload” button of your web browser, which is disruptive to the game
  3. Confirm that you have cleared the “cache” of your web browser, which is the information about Read to Lead stored in your web browser, using this video as a guide for Chrome, the most popular web browser for Read to Lead

If technical issues persist, despite following the checklist above, contact our support team directly at support@classroominc.org. We’re available anytime!