Mrs. Reason's Class of Financial Advisors

Mrs. Reason’s 12th grade Economics class built financial literacy skills that are immediately proving useful outside of school. At the Bronx High School for Writing & Communication Arts, high school seniors completed The Finance Center. In our simulated learning game, students play the role of a financial counselor at a local community center, advising virtual clients on topics such as budgeting, money management, saving, investing, spending, and credit.

Throughout the semester, Mrs. Reason noticed a fascinating development: students began to take the advising role to heart—extending what they’ve learned to helping their families make sound financial decisions. In a typical teenage-rite-of-passage, she told us about one student who recently passed his driving test and was shopping for his first car. During class, he discussed interest rates and financing choices with his peers, sharing that he helped his father weigh different loan options.

“I saw a sense of pride in their eyes because they are developing skills for life.”

Another student noticed her mom was the “lady with the shoebox;” receipts and bills thrown in a kitchen draw, with no particular order. Using the skills she learned from The Finance Center, the savvy student put on her financial counselor hat and together the two of them worked on the family’s financial planning.

Mrs. Reason couldn’t resist pointing out to her class the “aha moments” with great joy—this transfer of knowledge that happens when content is directly applicable to real-world scenarios.

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