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Meet Angel: The Boss

Farragut Career Academy, Chicago, IL

For many students, summer school is a drag. Not only does it take them away from precious fun-in-the-sun, but also it reminds students that they are behind academically from their peers. This can easily impact their attitude and engagement in the important learning experience that prevents the loss of learning that commonly occurs in summer months.

Not for Angel. As part of the Chicago Public Schools’ Summer Acceleration Program, he had a reason to show up every day: his staff relied on him. No, Angel isn’t the principal; he’s the boss of What’s Up Magazine, one of our learning game simulations where students play the role of editor-in-chief.

“Usually school is just reading and normal lessons. This gives you real experience of how a job feels. You feel the pressure of what you have to do, and it’s even a little stressful.”

That pressure translated into new confidence in Angel’s reading and writing abilities. He experienced a complete immersion in his schoolwork while solving sticky situations in the workplace and handling office politics. He explained that the text and assignments made more sense because it was all connected to the experiences in the game. And being in control of the pace helped him work through tough challenges on his own.

“With the computer game, it’s different. You are in the program. You can read it on your own. When you do things wrong, you have to read to understand how to fix it for your staff.”

Angel found the content compelling and the challenges relevant to life outside the classroom. These connections helped him see how the skills he builds today will open doors tomorrow.

“I discovered I really like researching and checking facts. And I found out there’s a job out there where people make sure the information is correct. Someone actually does this work.”

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