The Sports Network 2

With a grant from the Gates and Hewlett Foundations, we created one of the first learning games designed to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts. Toggle between Overview and Features to find out all the details!

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The Sports Network-2 (TSN-2) is designed to give students practice in CCSS for Reading Informational Text and as an 8th grade assessment for those standards. Set in a simulated sports network office, TSN-2 is losing its teen audience. Students play the role of managing director and must act quickly to build back the youth audience. The entire game is available free of charge.

Educator and Student Resources

Free resources are availble for educators to learn about the game, how the embedded assessments measure students’ skills, and what information is stored in the teacher dashboard. Students can find an introductory tutorial, staffing charts, and office layout information to help them understand their role as managing director.

TSN-2 Educator and Student Resources

How We're Making a Difference

Easing the Transition to High School

In 2010 we developed a program to support incoming NYC 9th graders during both the summer and their first year of high school.

St. Anthony School in Milwaukee: Using Classroom, Inc. As A Lever

At one of the oldest and largest Catholic schools in the nation, teachers and administrators are doing things differently to reach a growing diverse population of students.

Leader of a Sports Network

Students build critical literacy skills while acting as managing director of a network that is losing its teen audience.

Designed to 8th Grade CCSS

The Sports Network 2 targets four CCSS in Reading Informational Text.

Embedded Assessments

In-game assessments measure student knowledge against 8th grade CCSS. Visit TSN-2 Educator Tools for more video tutorials of the different assessments.

TSN-2 Educator Tools

Teacher Dashboard

Student data from the embedded assessments feeds into the dashboard so teachers can immediately see how students are progressing through the game. Download the TSN-2 Teacher Guide for more on the dashboard.

Download Teacher Guide