After the Storm

After the Storm is the debut game in Read to Lead. The Read to Lead series is a set of immersive literacy learning games and curriculum designed to middle school Common Core State Standards in reading and writing. Features and purchasing information are below.

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6th-8th Grade Learning Game

After the Storm is an immersive game-based literacy program with wrap-around project-based activities designed to 6th grade Common Core State Standards. Students take on the role of editor-in-chief of an online news magazine—The Daily Byte—the day after a major hurricane has hit the local community and must work through various challenges of being the boss in a time of crisis.

Game-Based Learning & Educator Support Services

We offer a range of literacy programming for educators, schools, and districts.

  • Learning Game: 20 hours of gameplay
  • Real-time Data: Individual student assessments & educator dashboard
  • Resources: 400-page educator guide, student workbooks, classroom set of nonfiction book
  • Training: Customized coaching and support for educators

Flexible Implementation

Afterschool/Summer: Ideal for programs balancing fun and academics (recommended 40 hours total).

Extended Learning Time: Effective resource to target struggling readers in a variety of extended-school day environment (recommended 2-3 hours/week).

ELA Course Supplement: Uniquely engaging way to reinforce close reading of informational text and help students struggling with reading through embedded assessments aligned to Common Core State Standards in ELA (recommended 1-2 sessions/week).

How We're Making a Difference

Game-based Learning + Formative
Assessment = A Perfect Pair

There is increasing agreement that learning games can provide useful information for teachers to drive instruction. Read our case study on how After the Storm is proving to be a powerful tool for assessing student knowledge.

Meet Angel

“Usually school is just reading and normal lessons. This gives you real experience of how a job feels.” Read Angel’s story.


After the Storm consists of five units—each unit is four class periods and represents a full day at work. In total, the game includes 20 hours of gameplay and optional project-based activities.

Designed to CCSS in Reading and Writing

Four middle-school reading standards and two middle-school writing standards are assessed in the game.

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21st Century & Workplace Skills

The learning game reinforces a wide range of 21st century and workplace skills, including collaboration and interpersonal skills; critical thinking and decision-making; leadership; organization; problem-solving; verbal communication and presentation; and written communication.

Embedded Assessments

Completely integrated into the game experience, the assessments route to support or challenge tasks based on student performance while reporting into a teacher dashboard.

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Game-based Instructional Approach

Find out about the reading approach for After the Storm including detailed information on the game’s standards, instructional approach, and the research base for instructional strategies.

Download Reading Approach

Resources for Educators

After the Storm gives teachers engaging content aligned to the CCSS, high-quality tools to transform their practice, and immediate actionable data to improve and individualize instruction.

Educator Tools

Educator Dashboard

The dashboard provides teachers with access to easy-to-read reports, showing class and individual student progress. This gives the educator immediate feedback on where students may be struggling.