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Piloting Digital Badging with CPS

ChiSummerofLearningThis year, Classroom, Inc. (CI) participated in Chicago Summer of Learning (CSOL), a public-private partnership between the Mayor’s office, the MacArthur Foundation and Mozilla. CSOL is the largest citywide summer learning campaign in the nation and CI created and issued the most badges out of anyone in the program.

Digital badging provides a platform that encourages and recognizes student learning. Students can also show off their accomplishments through an online digital portfolio and essentially earn and display their badges everywhere.

digital_badging_iconsStudents participating in Chicago Public Schools’ summer programs earned badges for skills learned while running What’s Up Magazine, such as editing, collaborating, and making decisions. Over 1,600 badges were issued in one month to participants from 21 classes in 12 schools. We are thrilled to be the only CPS summer school provides whose students earned badges.

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