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Million Words Read Challenge

The Million Words Read Challenge

Each episode of the Read to Lead games gives students the chance to read 5,000 words.

The more episodes your students play, the more words are contributed to the one million word goal.

Why Should We Read a Million Words?

We want to help you motivate your students to read.

By participating in our challenge, your students will become stronger readers and leaders.

And, every millionaire class will receive a celebration and prizes!

How Will We Know We Won?

We’ve built special badges to help you know how many words your students have read. We have three tiers for badging. Each time you hit a new level, you’ll earn another badge. You’ll find these badges in the “Class Stats” section tab.

Individual Badges

These are your student`s individual benchmarks. As they progress through the game, we award different badges as they reach new levels of word count.

Classroom Badges

These are your classroom stats. Your students work together to reach a collective goal of one million words.

National Badges

Don’t stop at one million words! By playing more of our games (we have three!), you have a chance to be one of the top classrooms in the country.

How Do We Get Started?



Log into your Read to Lead Dashboard and click the “Class Stats” section



Identify your class standing in collective word count in the “Class Stats” section



Play more episodes to increase individual and class word count


Mention Us

Share your badges and classroom wins with us on social media. Tag @readtoleadgames!

Challenge Rules

  • Challenge runs from January 7, 2019 – May 1, 2019

  • Good news! If you started Read to Lead earlier this year, your first semester individual and classroom word counts will count towards the challenge. Check the “Class Stats” section to see where your class stands!

  • If your class reaches a million words, you will win the following prizes:

    1) A giftcard for a celebration party

    2) Student prizes!

  • We understand not every class is created equal in size. Millionaires will be tiered based on classroom size!

    1) 0 to 10 students: 250,000 words
    2) 11 to 20 students: 500,000 words
    3) 21+ students: 1,000,000 words

    And be sure to check out our full terms and conditions here!