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June News RoundUP


Week of 6/16-6/20

Week of 6/9-6/13

Week of 6/2-6/6


  • NYC Launches Plan to Turn Schools into Community Hubs, Chalkbeat: The city will spend $52 million over the next several years to turn 40 schools into community hubs, offering health, nutrition, and other services to students. The community schools movement has gained traction in the last few years, including the federal government funding Promise Neighborhoods across the country based on Harlem Children’s Zone.
  • Making Games: The Ultimate Project-Based Learning, KQED/MindShift: In this post, the author argues that as project-based learning becomes more popular it’s easy to pigeon-hole it into one particular way of thinking about it. Part 6 of MindShift’s Guide to Games and Learning discusses how having students create their own games is tantamount to project-based learning.
  • 6 Characteristics of Great PD, eSchool News: PD should inspire teachers to integrate technology and inspire skills in students that are useful for the digital age.
  • Can Games Make High-Stakes tests Obsolete? MindShift/KQED: The promise of game-based learning is not only about increased student engagement and intrinsic motivation, but also about changing the way we think about assessment so that it is no longer in a category by itself.
  • Three Ways Digital Badges are Used in Education, eSchool News: In education, badges can represent an accurate depiction of what students actually know rather than what their standardized-test scores or report cards say about them. This post gives a brief 101 on badges as well as a short video clip.


  • Project Tomorrow issues Report on Use of Tech in Schools: The organization is out with its latest report, “Digital Learning Playbook: Advancing College and Career-Ready Skill Development in K-12 Schools”. Fun fact: 86% of principals say mobile learning increases engagement among students, but only 37% say it develops communication skills.
  • How Teachers are Learning: Professional Development Remix: A free detailed guidebook from edSurge is designed to help administrators find the tools that fit the needs of teachers and their PD strategy.
  • Navigating the EdTech Marketplace: This special report from Education Week is chock full of information on the industry, tips for schools in finding and using edtech, and other insights on the market given the current state of the standards reform movement.
  • Cooney Center Releases Report on Games in Classroom: The latest survey reports on how frequently teachers use games, the ways they integrate these into instruction, and which devices are being used the most.