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Introducing Play Nows, the easiest way to try Read to Lead!

We’re proud of the Read to Lead platform, but we’ve wanted to make it easy for more educators and students than ever before to access our amazing learning games.

What if you could discover Read to Lead, choose a game that fits your lesson plans, and play immediately? No registration, no classroom setup, no student credentials. Just a fantastic learning experience, right away!

Well this simple journey from discovering Read to Lead to playing Read to Lead now is possible, thanks to a new product that we named Play Nows! As the name suggests, Play Nows are an easy, immediate experience of Read to Lead, based on a sampling of our favorite episodes. Think of them as demos that offer you a preview of the power of Read to Lead, then allow you to register for the full platform afterward, if you found the experience valuable.

Check out our Play Nows at www.classroominc.org/play, and if you have any questions, we’re here for you through support@classroominc.org.

Thanks as always!