We share stories that shine a light on the amazing individuals who inspire our work at Classroom, Inc.

How a Summer of Game-Based Learning Helped Students - Classroom Inc

Summer Learning [video]

Students in a suburb of Birmingham had a unique 2015 summer experience with Classroom, Inc.


Young Leaders [video]

Students from Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change in Harlem know what it takes to be a leader.

Donor & Board Member

Meet Beverly: Lawyer, Philanthropist, Classroom, Inc. Board Member

“My hope is that society will marshal its resources and commit itself to a multi-pronged agenda aimed at educational excellence."

School Leader

St. Anthony School in Milwaukee: Using Classroom, Inc. As A Lever

“Mrs. Hart, this is the job. And it’s important. And I can’t miss a day at work!”


Meet Angel: The Boss

“Usually school is just reading and normal lessons. This gives you real experience of how a job feels."