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Transforming Lives

We do not stop at creating learning games. We are focused on transformation—of students’ lives, of educators’ teaching practice, and of schools and communities.


Young Leaders [video]

Students from Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change in Harlem know what it takes to be a leader.


Meet Angel: The Boss

“Usually school is just reading and normal lessons. This gives you real experience of how a job feels."


St. Anthony School in Milwaukee: Using Classroom, Inc. As A Lever

“Mrs. Hart, this is the job. And it’s important. And I can’t miss a day at work!”


We routinely conduct research and assess the impact of our blended learning programs on students and teachers. We look at achievement as well as engagement and 21st century skill development.


Our expertise in education, game development, and linking school to career helps us reach the students we serve.


Combatting the summer slide is a priority, and we’ve seen significant reading gains from students using our programs.

Case Studies

What works best for students and educators? This is a question that we don’t stop asking. Read our case studies on topics such as the transition to high school, personalized learning, and formative assessment.


Easing the Transition to High School

With a long history of providing innovative programs for middle and high school students, we developed a transition to high school program in 2010 to support incoming NYC 9th graders during both the summer and their first year of high school.


Game-based Learning + Formative
Assessment = A Perfect Pair

There is increasing agreement that learning games can provide useful information for teachers to drive instruction. Our newest program After the Storm is designed to assess students on CCSS in reading and writing.