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Vital Signs

Here you’ll find all the teacher and student resources you need to get started with Vital Signs!

Vital Signs

Vital Signs is one of three middle-school literacy learning games
in the Read to Lead Suite.

Vital Signs Staff

Getting Started Resources and Lesson Plans

Program Overview

Learn about the pedagogical features of Vital Signs, especially as they relate to the Common Core Standards.

Getting Started

Pregame Lessons help students access prior knowledge and practice the essential 21st Century skills needed to be successful during gameplay.
Kick-Off Resources provide everything you need to roll out Vital Signs before students play the game.

Out of School Time: After and Summer School

Engage youth in a 7-9 day project that centers on leadership, collaboration, and civic engagement. Download our facilitator and pacing guides designed specifically for After and Summer School leaders.

Extension Lessons

Practice and apply the knowledge and skills learned during gameplay.

Unit 1: Responsibility

When the medical secretary discovers a link between a patient’s illness and a newly opened power plant, the staff at the Be Well Family Clinic must come together to serve not only their patients, but also the health and wellness of the broader Port Douglas community. With a new medical assistant just starting at the clinic alongside their seasoned medical and administrative staff, the medical director must diagnose and treat a variety of patients suffering from asthma, back pain, and even a mystery illness that requires a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Unit 2: Perspectives

The medical director must consider different points of view to manage operations at the clinic and navigate complex interpersonal issues with both patients and staff. Whether it is determining who should lead an important clinic project on environmental pollution, diagnosing a young patient who may or may not be suffering from anxiety, or helping a clinic staffer with a sick family member, the medical director needs to take in all sides of a story to determine the best course forward.

Unit 3: Integrity

With a wide range of tricky cases coming in, the medical director must juggle the clinic’s caseload and resolve a series of ethical dilemmas. Between managing a possible concussion in a young athlete (who just happens to be the nephew of a clinic staffer!), handling an angry patient who was misdiagnosed on a prior visit, and counseling a car accident victim with a dark secret, the medical director needs to determine how to do what’s right, even if that means taking positions that others may not agree with.

Unit 4: Cooperation

The staffers at the Be Well Family Clinic need to pull together to treat their patients with the highest degree of care during a run of complex cases and equally complex interpersonal situations. The medical staff collaborates to solve a mysterious case with an elusive diagnosis. A doctor’s close relative comes in with an upsetting injury that may require a call to the authorities. And when the clinic gets some good news about a community project, the medical director must figure out how to best celebrate the clinic’s success while nurturing the ambitions of one of the clinic’s newest — and most beloved — staffers