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Episode 9: "Crash Course"





21st Century Skill:
Flexibility and Adaptability

Anchor Standard in Reading CCRA.R.7:
Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats.

Pierre Remy, the nurse at Common Ground, is having follow up care with Sasha after he broke his hand in a car accident. It’s been over a month since the accident, but he is still having a hard time. Sasha suspects that Pierre may have PTSD, which would require a referral to Austen. As the medical director probes the situation, he admits that he caused the accident because he was texting while driving. Pierre feels an enormous amount of guilt about this but insists he doesn’t need treatment. Meanwhile, Marianne is upset when she sees a bad review of the clinic on a website and spends the day trying to figure out who wrote it.


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