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Episode 7: "Head Games"





21st Century Skill:
Leadership and Responsibility

Anchor Standard in Reading CCRA.R.1:
Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly, draw inferences, and cite textual evidence in support of a conclusion.

Ernie Velasquez, the intern at The Daily Byte, comes to the clinic after he’s injured playing in the best soccer league in Port Douglas. Ernie is desperate to play in the championship, but his coach insists that he gets checked out. It’s up to the medical director to determine if allowing him to play is too risky. Ernie is determined not to miss the big day and Marianne, Ernie’s aunt, is pressuring the medical director to clear him. Meanwhile, Feza Demir has come to the clinic because his school has cut gym classes and he’s worried about the health of his peers. Sasha and Feza plan a fun solution!


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