The Sports Network 2: Educator Resources

This section is complete with video tutorials of the embedded assessments and tools for educators. We also offer several student resources, including an introductory tutorial and a staffing chart of the sports network that they are tasked with leading.

Standards Addressed

TSN-2 improves┬ástudents’ comprehension of informational text. This is done by having students analyze text and by exposing them to nonfiction text. The activities in TSN-2 address four 8th grade CCSS in Reading Informational Text.

Embedded Assessments

Idea Centralizer

Students use this activity to both examine details that support a main idea and analyze the meaning of text within a larger context.

Sorting Organizer

Students must compare details of three different things, and to do this they must make judgements about the text.

Teacher Dashboard

Individual Student Progress

Understand how far your students are in the game by viewing the data on the easy-to-read dashboard.

Individual Student Answers

Access student answers to see where they are succeeding and where they are having difficulty. This allows teachers to reinforce certain standards that might be challenging.

Teacher Guide to the Game

The TSN-2 Teacher Guide will help you understand everything from the characters presented within the game, to the instructional underpinnings of the various activities. Each individual challenge is explained in detail alongside complementary lessons and worksheets.

Student Resources

Below you’ll find tools that help your students navigate through the game and understand the structure of the organization that they are tasked with leading.

Introductory Tutorial

Help students understand what the controls mean in the game and how to use such features as the glossary.

Office Layout

Access the layout of students’ virtual office.

TSN-2 Staffing Chart

Who does what? Make sure your students know who is in charge of different office functions with this handy chart.

Certificate of Completion

Acknowledge a job well done with this plaque!