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After the Storm Educator Tools

Here you’ll find all the teacher and student resources you need to get started with After the Storm!

After the Storm Introduction

After the Storm is one of three middle-school literacy learning games in the Read to Lead Suite. Learn more in this one minute introductory video!

Learn More

Check out how After the Storm can help transform your teaching practice in this two minute video.

Getting Started Resources and Lesson Plans

Activities Overview

See at-a-glance information on the pedagogical features of After the Storm, especially as they relate to the Common Core State Standards.

Getting Started

Pregame Lessons offer students a deeper understanding of their role and background necessary to be successful during digital game play.

Planning and Prep Documents provide you with getting started materials like class set-up resources, planners, and parent guides – everything you need to roll out After the Storm before students play the game.

Out of School Time: After and Summer School

Engage youth in a 7-9 day project that centers on leadership, collaboration, and civic engagement. Download our facilitator and pacing guides designed specifically for After and Summer School leaders.

Extension Lessons

After the Storm includes a 20-lesson, hands-on Magazine Maker project in which small groups of students create their own magazine. Check out the companion student materials!

Unit 1: Emergency Management

The day after Hurricane Dante hits Port Douglas, players have their hands full running the city’s online news magazine, The Daily Byte. They must get important news out to a community in need by reviewing key articles, identifying critical information, and managing a staff who are themselves dealing with the effects of the storm.

Unit 2: Untold Stories

Players are faced with an unexpected challenge when one of their staff members goes missing while out on an assignment. To track him down, they need to review the clues he left behind while continuing to run the magazine, publishing articles that matter to the community.

Unit 3: Unbiased Reporting

When The Daily Byte‘s lead reporter comes to the Editor-in-Chief with a tip that the Mayor is misusing relief funds, players find themselves in the midst of a potential political scandal as they sift through contradictory evidence to determine whether to publish her article.

Unit 4: Financial Crisis

The Daily Byte is facing a financial crunch in the aftermath of the storm. Players need to sort through the magazine’s finances, revenue opportunities, and the needs of their staff members to make the necessary changes that will ensure the stability of the magazine in the long run.

Unit 5: Staffing Up

When a new position opens up at The Daily Byte, the enthusiastic but inexperienced intern decides he’s perfect for the job. Players must take a hard look at job descriptions, cover letters, and professional brochures to determine the best candidate for the position, balancing the needs and resources of the magazine with the competing interests of multiple staff members.