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A Day For Edtech!

DLDWe’re celebrating Digital Learning Day alongside several thousand organizations and educators across the country. Technology has enormous potential to bring a greater level of equity and access to high-quality education, but technology alone will not level the playing field. We honor the teachers and school and district leaders who are using technology to improve the learning experience for all students.

This year we’re sharing free resources on our latest literacy learning game, After the Storm: The Daily Byte.

Classroom, Inc.’s After the Storm: Day One

This short version of our literacy learning game is designed to middle school standards in reading and writing. Students problem solve and work through various challenges in their role as editor-in-chief of an online news magazine the day after a major hurricane tears through the community. Access the webinar for a demo of the game and learn about how it aligns to the Common Core State Standards or jump right to the resources below:

Access the Game

Pre- and Post-Game Discussion Questions

Quick Write: What Happened to Aziz?

Lesson Plan: Resume Builder