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Classroom, Inc. Serves Chicago Public Schools’ Summer Acceleration Program for Second Year

Celia Alicata

Classroom, Inc. Serves Chicago Public Schools’ Summer Acceleration Program for Second Year
Organization Partners with Chicago City of Learning to Issue Digital Badges


CHICAGO (June 20, 2014)—Classroom, Inc. will serve more than 1,000 at-risk students in Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) Summer Acceleration program, and will issue digital badges through the Chicago City of Learning (CCOL)—a collaborative effort between the Mayor’s Office, community-based organizations, and other citywide institutions to close the opportunity gaps that exist for youth.

Classroom, Inc. will serve approximately 1,300 8th graders who are aging out of middle school with blended learning programs designed to keep students on track to successfully transition to high school. As a partner with CCOL, the organization will issue digital badges that reflect English Language Arts, math, and 21st century skills acquired through its learning game simulations and project-based activities.

“Students using our programs develop critical thinking, collaborative, and problem solving skills. We’re delighted to partner with CPS and the City of Chicago to acknowledge and celebrate these important accomplishments in each student’s summer learning experience,” noted Lisa Holton, president of Classroom, Inc.

The 2014 partnership with CPS and CCOL builds upon Classroom, Inc.’s immense success in the summer of 2013. Students in the program made statistically significant gains in reading performance and earned more badges through Classroom, Inc. than any other summer provider.

For more than 20 years, Classroom, Inc. has worked to empower students by connecting academics to life outside the classroom. Badging is a powerful way to provide students with evidence of that connection through permanent digital resumes that acknowledge accomplishments achieved both in and out of school.


About Classroom, Inc.

Classroom, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to close the academic achievement gap by using technology and the world of work to engage, teach, inspire, and empower middle and high school students. For more than 20 years, we’ve created digital learning games that make authentic connections between school, college, and career using a blended learning model. Students take on decision-making roles as professionals in a simulated workplace while improving literacy, 21st century skills, confidence, and engagement. We also provide educators with professional development to effectively use our programs and leverage technology. Our learning games are successfully used in school, extended day, after school, and summer school environments. As the result of two Gates Foundation grants and support from our board of directors and other donors, we are developing middle school game-based curriculum that addresses the call for highly engaging, rigorous literacy programs designed to the Common Core State Standards. At Classroom, Inc. we believe that educators need effective tools, deeply engaging content, and continuous support to give all students the opportunity to succeed in school, work, and life. For more information, please visit: www.classroominc.org.


About Chicago City of Learning

Chicago City of Learning is the first effort of its kind to take place in a major city in the United States. CCOL is a groundbreaking initiative that joins together learning opportunities for young people in a way that allows them to think about, pursue, and develop their interests. CCOL breaks down the false barriers between learning that happens in school and learning that happens outside of school. Through CCOL young people can take new paths of discovery, explore the city’s rich resources and find out what they can learn, make, do, and ultimately become. CCOL grew out of the City’s 2013 Chicago Summer of Learning in which more than 100 youth-serving organizations joined together to make their programs visible. Youth participants earned digital badges that provide permanent recognition of the achievements made by youth through their activities.