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Classroom, Inc. Joins National Expanded Learning Middle School Initiative

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Katherine Garcia

For Immediate Release

New York, NY—November 10, 2015— Classroom, Inc. joins 20 education-based organizations to announce a National Expanded Learning Middle School Initiative hosted by The White House that will collectively invest more than $620 million to enhance learning for over 1.3 million 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Over the next five years, the initiative is committed to collectively investing over half a billion dollars in private and public resources to impact the lives of over a million students by delivering high-quality expanded learning opportunities through multiple, evidence-based models and practices. The announcement will be made at the White House today at its Next Gen High School Summit, a national conversation on transforming high schools to better serve 21st century high school students.

“Engaging middle school students and helping them see the connection between their school work and the real world can make all the difference in their successful transition to high school and beyond. In our games, students play the role of boss in different careers, as they face reading and writing challenges, solve problems, and think critically. And the impact is transformational.”
— Lisa Holton, President of Classroom Inc.

Classroom, Inc. is a nonprofit that develops literacy and leadership skills for middle school students in high-poverty communities. Students become the boss through our digital learning games set in the professional world. In the process, they read closely, think critically, and solve real-world problems, all while balancing the hectic demands of en exciting workplace.

This investment is supported by corporate and philanthropic donations, including funding from foundations, individual supporters, and some existing public grants. But, the consortium says, to ensure all middle school children are fully prepared to participate in a true 21st century high school experience, public funding is necessary to scale evidence-based best practices and programs.