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Instructional Coach and Recruitment Specialist (Milwaukee)

Classroom, Inc. Instructional Coach and Recruitment Specialist Role (Independent Contractor)
National education technology nonprofit seeks a part-time Instructional Coach and recruitment specialist on contract basis to support and cultivate cohort of partner schools and sites in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What We Do
Classroom, Inc. is a non-profit that empowers adolescent youth in high-poverty communities develop the career-readiness skills they need for their future lives and careers. We create digital learning programs set in diverse professional worlds and empower students to take charge of their learning, imagine new possibilities for themselves, and gain the skills and confidence to achieve new found ambitions.

Why We Do It
Middle and high school students from low-income communities face a host of systemic barriers,including poverty, racism, and inequitable education. Those barriers can combine to severely limit life and career opportunities for young people.

However, when youth are given the chance to connect the dots between school and their futures,immerse themselves in career exploration, and develop critical literacy and leadership skills, they are ready to bring their full potential to any opportunity they wish to pursue.

Students participating in our program outpace their peers in literacy gains on standardized assessments; demonstrate growth in the 21st century skills that are critical to thrive in the modern work place such as collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving; and gain exposure to new career paths and opportunities.

One educator, Kiwonda Riley, explained the impact for her students: “My students were asking questions about how businesses work, and what it takes to be a boss. On top of improving their reading comprehension, Read to Lead taught them the skills they need to be effective leaders. Students are challenged to make important decisions, preparing them for life outside of their classrooms.”

The Context
Classroom, Inc. is looking for a talented and passionate individual to join our team as an Instructional Coach and Recruitment specialist. We’re looking for someone to work closely with a cohort of schools where educators are using our web-based literacy learning programs, ​Read to
​, to empower youth to boost their engagement and reading levels. In addition to working with existing partnerships, your role will be to identify new partners through outreach and by new relationship cultivation. This is a contract role in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and will consist of 5 hours/week.

What you’ll do

  • Meet with school/site leaders and participating educators to set clear goals at the beginning of the school year to achieve measurable, data-driven outcomes for both student learning and educator practice.
  • Use effective coaching techniques to train educators to infuse digital games in a blended-learning context within the school day, out of school time, and summer enrichment.
  • Provide support to educators on how to use digital tools as a supplement in achieving student gains, with specific emphasis on using data to drive instruction and implementing a blended learning rotational model.
  • Keep track of educator and school/site progress.
  • Maintain follow up through regular communication (email, phone calls, texts, and Google Hangout) with your teachers and school leaders.
  • Identify opportunities for expansion.
  • Conduct outreach through phone calls, in person meetings, etc.
  • Provide in-person or webinar demos of ​Read to Lead.
  • Attend conferences, as needed.
  • Report to Managing Director, Programs and Partnerships.

What you bring

  • Expertise in middle school literacy with a strong focus on blended-learning and data driven instruction to enhance the classroom experience.
  • Ability to manage and coach educators to improve student outcomes.
  • Experience in utilizing digital tools to drive instructional outcomes.
  • Ability to manage school-based/site-based relationships and experience with managing clients also a bonus.
  • Comfort in web-based technologies like Google Apps, including Google Apps for Education.
  • Ability to recruit and retain partnerships
  • Ability to travel throughout greater Milwaukee (a must!).

We’re a small team committed to having a big impact on the futures of the students that we serve. Each and every one of us is fully committed to our mission, and we are looking for new team members who match our passion and are ready to dive in! If you’re interested, send your resume to kthompson@classroominc.org.