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After the Storm Educator Resources & Materials

Welcome! You’re on your way to accessing one of the most unique and exciting ways to teach literacy skills, engage students, and build essential 21st century skills.

Below you’ll find links to PDFs of After the Storm educator materials. You can view these online or download and save to your computer.

The After the Storm Quick Start Guide: A quick reference sheet of game overview and navigational tools.

The After the Storm Educator Guide: A robust guide of game summaries, activity overviews, and pre-game mini lessons which put the overarching concepts helpful to understanding the world of a given episode front and center. The guide also includes the Magazine Maker, a series of lessons and activities that will guide students to collaboratively develop their very own magazine!

The After the Storm Answer Key: The answer key to all activities (main, challenge and support) included within the game.

The After the Storm Glossary: Students will have access to definitions for any industry-related word they come across within the online game. This section of your guide includes all of those words. Some educators make copies for their students, or select key pages for students to refer to and keep in their section of their notebooks or folders.