Our Team

Meet our committed staff who work each day to fulfill our mission. 

Jie Gao

Data Analyst

Rachel Samuel

Product Marketing Manager

Matt Chacko

Executive Assistant to the President

Ivan Garcia

Instructional Coach

Marquis Smalls

Instructional Coach

Adrienne O'Neill

Instructional Coach

Nick Haynes

Director of Development

Ben Robinson

Chief Technology Officer

Kwamara Thompson

The National Director of Professional Learning and School Support

Noreen Haque-Columbe

Instructional Coach

Alison Tepper

Director of Content and Curriculum

Janna Perez

Educational Programs Intern

Max Cohen

Development Associate

Mary Caslin Ross

Visiting Senior Fellow

Nicole Guagliardi

Research Manager

Phil Firsenbaum

Instructional Coach

Sharon Waddler

Office Manager

Peter Scaglione

Finance Manager

Nicholas Overton

Software Engineer

Emily Otalora

Operations Manager

Christina Oliver

Chief Program Officer

Lisa Holton