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Our Guiding Principles

We focus on five main principles to build students’ literacy and leadership skills:


Connect School to the Professional World


Build Literacy
for Life


Use Games to Develop Mastery


Foster Collaboration and Social Skills


Empower Great Teaching

Blended Learning

The essential ingredients of our blended learning model include the following:


Personalized Learning Through Literacy Games

Our learning games include differentiated activities for a range of learners. Students who perform below a certain threshold on a primary assessed task are invisibly routed to one or more levels of scaffolded reading activities. Students who perform above that threshold pass on to more complex and challenging reading activities.


Workplace Connection

Students gain first-hand experience as leaders in a professional environment. Simulated workplace experiences grounded in reading standards connect school to career. When students make this connection, they begin to build stronger academic identities by understanding how success in school sets them up for success in life.


Project-based Activities

We offer a full blended learning experience. Project-based resources engage students in collaborative ways that foster teamwork, ethical reasoning, and deliberation. Educators are able to extend the content in the games across disciplines and subject areas.


Support for Educators

We know the demands on educators are unlike anything they’ve ever experienced—from new standards to new technologies. Training and coaching materials help educators use the programs and incorporate blended learning into their teaching strategies.


Multiple Settings

Flexible implementation allows the learning games to be used in school, afterschool, and summer school environments. During school-day settings, our programs can be used in classes such as English Language Arts or career exploration courses. For afterschool, the programs are an excellent way for students to enjoy the educational games while progressing in literacy and core content areas. And in summer school, the programs can be customized to instructional blocks and interdisciplinary content areas.


Instructional Approach

Building successful learners. We address rigorous college- and career-ready reading and writing standards using game-based learning.


Partnership Approach

Building relationships. That’s what we do by working to understand the needs of our partners and serve them with high-quality content.