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Our Educator Advisors

Meet the teachers who help inform our products.

Meet the educators who use their expertise to ensure our products are engaging for students and transformative for teachers. Our advisors provide feedback and share best practices to shape our new learning games and programs.

Interested in joining? Member benefits include early previews to new games and lesson plans, free access to Classroom, Inc. learning games and resources, and a stipend for providing feedback on all aspects of our programs during the design and development process. Please complete this form to apply to our advisory board.

Educator Advisory Board

Kimber Barrerabarrera_225px
School & Location: Richards Career Academy, Chicago, IL
Subject: English, Computer Science
Grade(s): 9
Twitter Handle: @kimber_barrera
Kimber has a B.A in English Literature from Knox College, and M.A. in Teaching from Lewis & Clark College. She has taught high school on the Southside of Chicago for 13 years. Kimber is extremely interested in guiding the recent shift in technology use in the classroom through action research.


Michele Barrybarry_225px
School & Location: Key Largo School, Key Largo, FL
Subject: ELA & ESE Support Facilitation
Grade(s): 5
Twitter Handle: @Webinerd
Back in 1998, just before graduating from Florida State University, Michele was hired by Monroe County Schools (Florida Keys) and has taught at Key Largo School ever since. Her degree and teaching experience has primarily been in English education; however, she has sought a higher understanding of incorporating technology and game-based learning.


Medinah Eatmaneatman_225px
School & Location: Life Sciences Secondary School, New York, NY
Subject: Living Environment
Grade(s): 9, 10
Medinah Eatman is a young, enthusiastic middle and high school science teacher for the New York City Department of Education. She loves to travel and apply her skills internationally. She has previously taught in China, Thailand and Tanzania. She believes that the WORLD is the best classroom, and that students should be able to travel, study, and utilize it to its greatest capacity.


Kelly L. Fahrenkopffahrenkopf_225px
School & Location: Draper Middle School, Schenectady, NY
Subject: Special Education
Grade(s): 6
Twitter Handle: kfahrenkopf26
Kelly is a special education teacher with 23 years of experience in grades ranging from 2 through 8. She is currently teaching at the middle school level. In addition to teaching, she does consulting work with fellow educators to foster students’ interest in nanotechnology. Kelly was lucky enough to be introduced to Classroom, Inc. at the Games in Education Conference held in upstate New York. Working with predominantly at-risk students, Kelly believes that gaming in the classroom will generate student interest and enthusiasm for learning.


Meghan Ginley
School & Location: Good Shepherd School, New York, NY
Subjects: Social Studies and Religion
Grade(s): 5, 6, 7, 8
Meghan is delighted to join the Classroom, Inc. Advisory Board. In addition to teaching Social Studies for grades 5 – 8, Meghan is also the director of the Theater Club and leader for Student Council & Yearbook. In the past, she has also worked with children, teaching theater and creative arts classes for many years, directing children’s productions and helping children recognize and embrace their creative potential.


Mitzi Mackmack_225px
School & Location: Palm River Elementary, Tampa, FL
Subject: ELA
Grade(s): 5
Mitzi currently works as a 5th grade teacher. She has taught for 16 years and served as a curriculum specialist for six years. Her life’s mission is to empower the culturally and literacy marginalized through the power of reading and engaging discourse. Whether obtaining her EdD in Instructional Education or volunteering in her community, the power of learning is her message for success.


Carissa Nollanolla_225px
School & Location: University School of NSU, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Subject: English Honors
Grade(s): 6
Twitter Handle: @lahaina_rose
Carissa is currently working on her Doctorate of Education in the field of Instructional Leadership. She has taught middle school for the last few years, but also has experience at the high school level. Her teaching philosophy is based on respecting differences, tapping into individual talents, and sharing her love of learning with her students! She truly believes that we can all learn something from each other. Incorporating games into the classroom has made her students more engaged with the material and excited to come to class! She look forward to seeing them progress as they explore more uses for technology in the classroom.


Rebecca Schulze
School & Location: Aventura City of Excellence School, Aventura, FL
Subject: Technology Integration Specialist and STEAM Coordinator
Grade(s): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
During her 13 years as an educator, rebecca has taught a variety of subjects in grades K-8 in four different countries, but teaching Middle School Science is her happy place! She is currently the Technology Integration Specialist and STEAM Coordinator at the Aventura City of Excellence School in Aventura, FL. The main goal of Rebecca’s job is to help teachers effectively incorporate technology and project based learning into their curriculum. She is always looking for exciting tools that put the students in control of their learning!