What We Do


We create digital learning games and curriculum set in the professional world that foster students’ literacy and leadership skills and connect school to life in an authentic workplace.

Our research-based learning approach has combined innovative learning games, data-driven tools and educator resources to personalize learning for all youth in grades 5-9.

How We Work

Read to Lead is a suite of three learning games and curriculum for grades 5–9. The programs are used by afterschool and summer school programs as well as during the school day as a literacy learning supplement.

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Student Success

The impact is transformational. Students—especially those struggling with literacy and engagement—increase reading achievement, find motivation in being the leader, and see—often for the first time—a real connection between learning, career aspirations and their futures.

“[Classroom, Inc.’s. learning games] show our students a glimpse into the future, a future full of endless possibilities. There is no way to put into words the feeling that a child gets when they know they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.”

—Rich Helmrich, Principal, Our Lady of Grace, South Bronx

Foster literacy, life, and career skills through digital gameplay and curricula!

Read to Lead is a flexible, fun, and free way to reimagine traditional literacy instruction! Our blended learning program includes:

  • 3 digital learning games that are equivalent to reading 6 middle school chapter books
  • Student-led exploration of public service, medical, and journalism careers
  • Pre-game lessons reviewing key concepts and post-game discussion questions to reflect on and elevate 21st century decision-making
  • Three culminating projects tapping into community activism, youth voice, and choice
  • Student performance reports tracking close reading, writing, and 21st century skill growth
  • Sample pacing guides and 24/7 educator support

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“The combination of workplace skills, reading and decision-making in Read to Lead programs is like nothing I have seen before. And the culminating projects really allow our kids to be creative, apply their learning and voice!”

–Afterschool Educator, Los Angeles California


The New York Life Foundation and Classroom, Inc. are partnering to offer a new approach to helping middle school students across the country build the literacy, life, and career skills that they need to succeed in high school and beyond.


Investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported an independent research study that found statistically significant gains in writing for students participating in our program.


With the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, we revolutionized learning beyond the classroom by creating an engaging, scalable digital curriculum that meets the needs of students and educators in afterschool and summer learning programs.

Thanks to our generous individual, foundation, and corporate supporters, this year we will reach 40,000 students nationwide, and through our partnerships with 75 schools and CBOs, provide hands-on educator support and professional development.

“When you put students in charge of their own learning, you give them the tools that they’ll need to become good citizens.”

—Tom Brokaw, journalist and author