When students assume the role of a responsible professional in a workplace simulation, they become active learners, discovering the connection between education and their future success. Acting in their career position, they are more likely to engage with their learning. Principals and teachers agree:

Testimony from school administrators, teachers, and students confirm that student engagement is a major strength of the Classroom, Inc. program:

For many of our students, [Classroom Inc.] is the biggest reason that they attend school year Saturday and weekday after-school classes. —Felice Lepore, Principal of the Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports

There was great enthusiasm shown by the students to do the episodes on the computers.—Gr. 9­–10 teacher,
Richmond Hill, NY

The program engages learners and prepares them for collaborative work in the job market.— Gr. 4-8 teacher, P.S. 216, NYC