We’re big fans of data. Conducting research and evaluating results are core aspects of our mission.

Blended Learning Builds Academic Skills

A new multiple school-year study from Metis Associates shows that students who participated in our game-based blended learning programs made statistically significant reading gains.

Our Avg. Gain = 1 Year, 5 Months

Results from more than 7,000 students were measured, including students from the New York City Public Schools, the Diocese of Brooklyn, and the Archdiocese of New York. Over one school year, students’ reading gains were comparable to what is typically seen in approximately one and a half years.

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Classroom, Inc. & Common Core Alignment

Early results from the summer 2014 pilot of our newest learning game, After the Storm, show that 87% of teachers feel the game clearly addresses the Common Core State Standards and that it’s one of the best resources they have to implement the standards.


Teachers Need Access to Common Core Material

Other than After the Storm, more than 2/3 of our teachers say they lack content that truly helps them implement the standards.


After the Storm Filling Need

After the Storm was developed to address key Common Core Standards in Reading Informational Text and Writing. 87% of teachers said it aligns to the standards well/very well.

Reversing Summer Learning Loss

Students from low-income communities experience a two-month loss in reading during the summer as compared to their more affluent peers. Our programs are reversing this “summer slide.”

Students Gain In Reading

Metis Associates conducted an analysis of approximately 2,000 4th-9th graders over four summers who participated in our programs in New York City, Chicago, Newark, and Memphis. On average, students gained three months in reading after just four to five weeks of using Classroom, Inc. The graph provides a snapshot of substantial gains from 8th and 9th graders.

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Total Students and Teachers Served

Since our inception in 1991, we’ve served thousands of educators and hundreds of thousands of students.


Engaging Students for College & Career

For years, we’ve witnessed students using our programs become more engaged in their schooling because they understand the connection between school and the real world.


Transition to High School

We developed a transition to high school program in 2010 to support incoming NYC 9th graders. Read the case study.



Students are more engaged if they grasp how what they are learning today impacts them tomorrow. Our programs are based around this core belief. Click the image to hear from one principal.


After the Storm: Engagement is #1

We asked teachers what they liked most about using After the Storm: The Daily Byte. Three themes emerged: the game is engaging; students’ learning is based on their pace and personalized for their level; and students hold a rare decision-making role.

Scientific Research Base

Our Scientific Research Base is the foundation of our work. This comprehensive document demonstrates the ways in which the organization has integrated key research recommendations into its instructional design and practice.


Instructional Approach

We address rigorous college and career-ready standards using game-based learning. Learn more about our unique approach.


Partnership Approach

We don’t simply create learning games. We create deep partnerships with the schools and organizations that are using our programs.